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Dalian Baoxiang Packing Products Co.,LTD.
Rm 102 No.5 Hongya Street Ganjingzi District,Dalian,Liaoning Province,China

Welcome to Baoxiang Packing

Dalian Baoxiang Packing Products Co.,LTD. was established in August, 1993 as wholly-Japanese-owned enterprises . Up to date, we have been manufacturing and selling variety of logistics packing products. Now our main products are stainless steel IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and aluminum pallets. Also we have been selling steel pallet, wooden pallet, Suspended steel roll racks, wire mesh cages, warehouse rack, etc. For wooden pallet, we have fumigation certificates in international shipping.

The world is rapidly changing now, and also there has been remarkable technical innovation and diversification of needs in logistic world. Now stainless steel and aluminum items which can be reused and recycled draw attention in logistics world.

We have a lot of customers in Japan. We have been making endless effort to meet their high demand on the quality and the price. After more 20 years of the experience, we manufacture more and more every year, and we built trust with our products. Our strength is that the experience of our innovative production lines and the quality management system make it possible to provide the most advanced and reliable quality with the most cost-effective way to suit each customer's demands.
Although the world is rapidly changing, our mission stays the same which is keep challenging to contribute to our customer with the best quality products, and contribute to both environmentally and socially as a manufacturer. We keep challenge the hard work and move forward continuously.
  • BXLCD-V10-SS-1000L
  • BXCE-RSD-SSS-4000L
  • BXCE-V50-SBY 1000L
  • BXCE-R3-SBS  1500L
  • BXCE-R35-SBY  600L
  • BXBB-V58-SBS-700L
  • Aluminum Pallet
  • Steel Pallet
  • Steel Stackable Suspendable Rack
  • Suspended Steel Roll Rack
  • Warehouse Rack
  • Foldable Mesh Container
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Tel: +86-411-86494057
Fax: +86-411-86494463
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